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Welcome to FINMAN Financial Services, your trusted partner in commercial lending solutions. At FINMAN, we understand the unique financial needs of businesses, and we are committed to providing tailored lending options that empower your company to thrive and grow.

With years of experience in the financial industry, we have built a reputation for excellence in commercial lending. Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of various industries, enabling us to cater to diverse businesses, from startups to established enterprises.

Whether you require capital for business expansion, equipment financing, or real estate investments, we have a comprehensive range of commercial lending products designed to meet your specific requirements. Our flexible financing options, competitive rates, and personalized approach set us apart as a preferred choice for businesses seeking financial support.

At FINMAN Financial Services, we prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure a seamless lending experience. Our streamlined application process and quick approvals mean you can access the funds you need with minimal hassle, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – achieving your business goals.

Explore our website to learn more about our commercial lending solutions and the success stories of businesses we’ve supported. We are excited to be part of your journey to success and look forward to helping your business thrive with our expert financial assistance.

Welcome to FINMAN Financial Services – where your business dreams become reality.

FINMAN Financial Services is a member of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

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We provide a wide range of commercial finance programs that support small businesses, manufacturers, sales companies, healthcare professionals, and countless other companies:

What do our customers have to say?

I recently had the pleasure of working with Finman Financial Services, LLC.

I must say that they were an absolute game-changer for my business. As a small business owner in the construction industry, I was in dire need of a working capital solution to overcome financial challenges regarding our cashflow, and FINMAN Financial Services proved to be the perfect partner.

From the moment I started exploring their services, Brian demonstrated his commitment to understanding my unique needs. Their website was user-friendly and provided detailed information about their offerings, making it easy for me to navigate through the process. I appreciated the clarity and transparency in their communication, which set them apart from other financing companies I had encountered.

One of the most impressive aspects of my experience with FINMAN Financial Services was their personalized approach. After submitting an initial inquiry, I was promptly contacted by a knowledgeable representative who took the time to listen to my business’s specific requirements. They patiently answered my questions and provided valuable insights to help me make informed decisions. I felt that Brian and the team truly cared about the success of my business and was dedicated to finding the best financing solution for me.

FINMAN Financial Services’ flexible financing options were instrumental in helping me secure the working capital I needed. They tailored the terms and conditions to match my business’s cash flow, ensuring that the repayment plan was feasible and manageable. The competitive interest rates and transparent fee structure further solidified my trust in their services. I genuinely felt that Brian had my business’s best interests at heart, and they were focused on building a long-term relationship.

Furthermore, their customer service exceeded my expectations. The support I received throughout the entire process was outstanding. The team at FINMAN Financial Services was readily available to address any concerns or inquiries promptly. Their professionalism, expertise, and friendly demeanor instilled a sense of confidence in their abilities.

In conclusion, FINMAN Financial Services proved to be a reliable and indispensable partner for my business. They went above and beyond in understanding my needs, offering flexible financing options, and providing exceptional customer service. Thanks to their assistance, my business has been able to navigate through challenging times and thrive. I wholeheartedly recommend FINMAN Financial Services to any entrepreneur seeking a working capital solution that is tailored to their unique circumstances.

Victoria G.

Founder & CEO


At FINMAN Financial Services, we take great pride in being a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business. Our company was founded by veterans who have served our nation with dedication and valor. As a SDVOSB, we carry forward the same commitment to excellence and integrity in the financial industry.

Our veteran-led team brings a unique perspective to financial services, combining the discipline, leadership, and problem-solving skills honed during military service with a deep understanding of business and finance. We are dedicated to supporting fellow veterans, businesses, and the community at large with a range of financial solutions tailored to meet their needs.

By choosing FINMAN Financial Services, you not only benefit from our expertise and professionalism but also contribute to a business that remains committed to giving back and empowering veterans. Together, we strive to make a positive impact and support the success of businesses and individuals alike.

Thank you for considering FINMAN Financial Services – your trusted partner in financial growth and success.

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